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At the beginning of time, when the word was still young, the wild Ancient Spirits ruled elfs and humans, asking terrible sacrifices and hunting them like prey. One day some humans decided to rebel and they awakened four dormant spirits. These powerful elemental spirits incarnated and gave birth to the jinns and to what would become the King’s faction.

Half-elfs are the newest member of this faction but they seem to be quickly increasing their importance in this alliance.

The Efreets

The Fire Jinns, The Slave Lords, Fireborns

“Behold our city, its golden minarets, the green lemon gardens, the beautiful firefountains… oh yes do not listen to that, those slaves: they always have to scream!”

Noble and powerful, the Fire Jinns are often considered (and they indeed consider themselves) as the leaders of the Kings’ Faction. Their powerful cities are strong cultural hubs but at the same time darker things happen on those streets…

Society & Culture

Fire rules these Jinns’ lifes. The view that an individual Efreet has on fire tends to influence him a lot. Some view fire are something destructive and harsh and therefore embrace the Warrior's path. Others see fire as a warm lifebringer and help people to prosper… yet the main division of Efreet society is between The Slavers, rich traditional merchants, The Ardents, hedonists who see life as enjoyment and the Branded, priest and monks deeply devoted to the King of Fire, Pyros.

Distribution & Relations

The city of El-Amhar in the Redplanes is considered to be the main centre of the Firejinns. These people tend to love places with volcanic activities.

Efreets see themselves on top of everyone, they are The Blessed People, loyal servants of the King on Kings Pyros and protected by the Forgotten Gods. Non allied races and enemies are treated very harshly by these people.

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The Earthsons

The Sons of Earth, Earth Jinns, The Artificers

“We work and sweat to build this clog. Through this clog and with much other sweat you will one day see that machine moving, and you will be in awe.”

When the ancient war between the Kings’ Faction and the Dragonsoul Empires was lost, Gea the Queen of Earth was imprisoned and his Earth Jinn followers were enslaved by the dragonsouls of the Empire of Shadows. Earth Jinns males slowly developed into their own distinct race, the Earth Sons.

These people resemble tall earthskinned males, covered in runic tattoos and often bearing strange devices.

Society & Culture

The Earth which holds them like a mother, the Honour which strengthen their society and Ingenuity which allows them to craft their wonderful machines: These are the three main pillars that are pivotal to the Earthson society.

The Artificers society is made by two mainstream currents, the Rocks and the Steam. The Rocks are those Earthsons close to the very ancient Earthjinn traditions. They value the magic of Earth and ancient lore. The Steam instead is formed by those who have more strongly embraced certain changes in Earthson society such as the acquisition of technology.

Earthson cities are often shared with gemsisters due to the unbreakable bond between these two races.

Distribution & Relations

The main centre of the Earthsons in the Known Islands is underground between the Dragonlands and the Redplanes.

This jinn race shares a symbiotic relationship with the gemsisters (they are even sometimes considered –mistakenly- to be one race) and mutual respect with efreets. The consider half elves weird but interesting. Their hatred for dragonsouls is deep.

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The Gemsisters

Earthdaughters, Earth Jinns, The Mindwavers.

“Precious gems are like reality, they change depending on how you look at them, and somehow, they are always different, can you see? Ok good, now you will do exactly what I say.”

Gem Sisters share the same story of the Earthson. The Shadowmagic of the Dragonsoul changed them as well but in a more subtle way. Their ancient Lords, instead of just making them more beautiful, they enhanced their minds giving them strong powers.

Society & Culture

Gemsister society is focused on beauty and emotional balance. Beauty is shown through various forms of arts as well as from a flawless sword dance. Some of them go to other on quests to bring beauty there and to learn something from new aesthetic canons, other stay in their Courts in order to increase their collections with new art and creations.

There is another darker side to Earthdaughters’ society; to defend themselves and to communicate during the Dragonsoul slavery, these women developed a powerful mind which allows them to use the Flow to do subtle mind-controlling magic.

Gemsister society is divided into four “emotions”: gemsisters grow into attuning to some emotion more than another, such as anger or sorrow: their powers and physical appearance varies as well depending on the emotion, ranging from fiery ruby hair to cold diamond pale sisters.

Distribution & Relations

Although gemsisters often share with earthsons underground caves, they often end up wondering above ground in order to search for beauty or to get into touch with new minds… After their iron bon with the Earthsons, the strongest relationship is with the Efreets who often share similar aesthetic views. Dragonsouls are the race they probably hate the most.

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Ash Elves, The City Dwellers, The Outcast

“Sylvan Elfs are wild and they call us traitors for befriending the humans. The greedy humans see us as dangerous elfs who will never truly belong to their world. Only we know our truth.”

Once part of the sylvan tribes, these elves decided to stop the war against humans in order to protect some holy sites. The other elves abandoned them to their choice and these elves found themselves trapped in the evergrowing human cities.

This highly adaptable race managed to absorb a lot from humans and other people giving birth to a unique and complex culture.

Society & Culture

Half elfs live often in human cities and tend to travel a lot. Since they have very few people that truly like them, they tend to stick together and to form tight communities. They are well-known merchants and wizards and some say that a market is not a true market if there isn’t a half elf.

Half elf culture is a mixture of ancient elven rituals, such as those related to the worship to the Ancient Spirit, and of modern elements inspired especially by humans such as their clothing. Half elven magic is famous and it is a hybrid between elven and dragonsoul one.

Half elven society divides into two main branches: “the Branches” those carefree half-elves who do not care that much about their past and just lightly enjoy what life has to give, and “the Roots” those more traditional half elves who believe that half elves are the result of the true evolution of elven races and consequently has large responsibilities.

Distribution and Relations

The main city of this elven subrace is traditionally considered to be Caramagh, the City of Menhirs. Half elves anyway can be found in many other cities, especially human, and increasingly in jinn cities as well. They view all their allies as good business friends but still behave a little bit like they were on their own.

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