Lessa Spiegil is a character created by Niek for the Dublin game.


Lessa grew up in the Gemsister levels of Atamiik, the underground city, built within the Misty Island.

Not many Gem Sisters choose the warrior's path. While Lessa had played at fighting as a child, she had never desired to fight anyone for real. But when Lessa was effectively dared to give it a go she found herself unable to resist. Perhaps she worried that creating beauty wasn't in her nature, and hoped that by protecting the works of others she could take credit for beauty she could never create herself. Or perhaps she found comfort and security in fighting, as though fighting back against something she doesn't remember.

She learned that fighting a stronger opponent is as foolish as fighting an equal apponent.



She is a Gemsister Warlord, level 1. Her racial abilities are based on the Shardmind (PHB III).

She uses two hand-axes in combat, and uses her racial telepathy to communicate when she doesn't share a language with her interlocutor.


  • At will, Commander's Strike
  • At will, Furious Smash
  • At will, Basic attack (melee)
  • At will, Basic attack (ranged)
  • Encounter, Shard Swarm (racial)
  • Encounter, Inspiring Word (special, twice per encounter)
  • Encounter, Hammer and Anvil
  • Daily, White Raven Onslaught


  • Weapon Focus (Axe)

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