ANCIENT SPIRITS According to the elves, these spirits are as old as the world itself. There are many of them and the most powerful are worshiped as gods by the elves, by the beastmen and by some rural humans (some, such as the Ancient Crow, are quite spread among the humans)

The Ancient Crow, the god of death Venerated by: Elves, Beastmen, zanaryan elfs, necromancers

The Ancient Hunter, god of the hunt (it appears as big carnivore) Venerated by: Elves, Beastmen, hunters

The Ancient Oak, god of forests and protection Venerated by: Elves

Ancient Serpent, god of fertility and healing Venerated by: Elves, Beastmen, farmers, mothers

Ancient Kraken, cruel god of the deep Venerated by: Elves (few), the beast men, pirates, sailors

Ancient Rose, god of beauty, deceit, passion Venerated by: Half-elfs, Beastmen, hedonists.

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