THE THREE MOTHERS (draconic deities)

These gods are the ancient gods of the dragonborn and often the chief deities of many human communities.

There are three goddesses, often called the Three Mothers. They are often represented with symbols instead of statues as these gods are perceived as very abstract and distant.

The Dragonsoul worship of the Triad is very philosophical while the human one tends to be more pragmatic.They are perhaps the most venerated deities by humans and they are often regarded as the "civilized" cult versus the "savage" one of ancient Spirits and the "incomprehensible" on of the Forgotten Gods.

The Three Mothers are:

RAYAS: goddess of the sun, strength and purification Venerated by: Paladin / Monks, purification, (many Gold dragonsouls)

ASTRIS: Goddess of the Moon and Magic Goddess of the Sea Wizards and (many Sea Dragonsouls)

AVASTER: darkness of Secrets Goddess of the hidden (often Shadow Dragonsoul)

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